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Continuous Franchise Training and Support from Meineke

November 20, 2015by Meineke

There is no better time to acquire the skills and become a Meineke Car Care Franchise owner. From your grand opening to managing your day-to-day tasks, we provide you with comprehensive training and make sure you are given all of the tools in order to succeed with your new business venture. You don’t need automotive experience to be successful when you obtain our franchise training. We prepare you for the use and implementation of the programs we give to all of our franchise owners, like technical skills and management skills. Take a look at some of the continuing franchise training and support Meineke Car Care Franchise offers:

  • Ongoing Training – We offer ongoing and in-center franchise training for owners and their employees. All Franchise owners are invited to bi-annual conventions and periodic training regarding to car repair
  • Marketing – Meineke Franchise spends around $30 million on a yearly basis for marketing and advertising projects. These ads include television, billboards, internet, and more. Our marketing efforts reach national and local regions.
  • Biz Alerts – Don’t worry about being away from the store. Car Care Franchise owners can receive emails on their phones or laptops of key events that are happening at their center throughout the day.

At Meineke, our franchise support extends beyond training. We offer ongoing field training so every franchisee maintains their strong connection and belief in the organization. Visit our website for more information about opening your own car care franchise.

Continuous Franchise Training and Support from Meineke