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Meineke Franchisee mark - Transcription


[Intro Music]

Exterior shot of Meineke location

Mark Zimmerman: We looked at many of the competitors, and I found that the Meineke name has been around for 40 something years.

Hero shot of Mark Zimmerman outide of Meineke store.

Mark Zimmerman: It's a household name and they see it as a trusted source, a trusted business.

Technician rolling tire across the floor.

Mark Zimmerman: We can do just about anything. We can do from transmission overhauls to engine repairs, whatever it is you're looking for.

Shop Manager looking at vehicles with technicians.

James Rogers: We actually care about the customers and want them to come back

James Rogers sitting down and talking to the camera.

James Rogers: And that's why we have over an 80% retention rate

James Rogers interacting with customer at the front desk.

Mitchel Zimmerman: Customer service, I would say, is Meineke. Meineke is customer service.

Mitchel Zimmerman sitting down and talking with the camera.

Mark Zimmerman: Nationwide warranty is important to me.

Mark Zimmerman shaking customer's hand.

Mark Zimmerman: I want to be able to say, "Hey, anywhere you go in the country, you have a warranty to back our services and our repairs."

Mark Zimmerman and Mitchel Zimmerman walking through the shop.

Mark Zimmerman: Just about everything we do we give thought to how it's going to affect the customer? What's the customer going to think?

Technician removing oil from a car.

Mark Zimmerman: I look at the tremendous growth up here, knowing that it's going to continue for the next decade or two, and I wanted to be part of that group.

Car being pulled onto ramp in the shop.

Mark Zimmerman: I'm Mark Zimmerman, I am the owner and general manager of Little Elm, Texas, Meineke.

Mark Zimmerman sitting down and talking to the camera.