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Meineke Franchisee Bert - Transcription

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Meineke Franchisee

My Name is Bert Figearo, and I'm a multi-unit franchisee with Meineke in Las Vegas Nevada, since 2013.”

Meineke employee rolling tire Meineke Franchisee standing infront of vehicle. Text reads: Bert Figearo, Franchise Owner Since 2013

I started with one shop and I felt that I wanted to get that under control and to understand the business and learn the business.

Meineke Franchisee standing behind counter observing employee customer interaction. Meineke employee hands key to customer.

I had never been in the automotive business before.

My background was predominately food and beverage and retail business.

Meineke Franchisee opening door to location and walking away from location towards vehicle.

For me Meineke has been completely supportive of my development and my rapid expansion.

Meineke Franchisee Opening door to location and walking in.

In the past four and a half years, I've gone from one store to nearly fourteen.

And I plan on further expansion, and I know that Meineke will help me growth in a positive way.

Meineke franchisee approaches counter of location and shakes hand of employee. Meineke franchisee walking into another Meineke location.

Meineke offers a base training program that sets up the initial standards and policies of the company, and the operating systems.

Meineke franchisee shaking hand of employee behind the counter. Meinkee franchisee and employee walking through location.

Once you're in your location the support doesn't stop.

You have a dedicated franchisee consultant, that stays in touch with you, does market visits, helps you guide your business, and develop your business model so that you can succeed.

Meineke franchisee talking with employee. Meineke employee working on car. Meineke franchisee reviewing with employee.

Every year is different, every season is different, and no two years seem to be the same.

But Meineke has the mentality of a large national brand but can react like a small local group.

Meineke employee removing tire from vehicle. Close up of Meineke franchisee removing tire. Meineke employee reviewing underside of vehicle.

Anybody wanting to operate the Meineke brand should embrace the system, and operate the system as it's designed and the system will take care of you.

Meineke franchisee behind computer. Exterior view of Meineke location. Meineke franchisee standing infront of location.

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Text Reads: "Join the Franchise Family Today". Call: 866-675-7687 Email: Ed. Visit: