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CV Joints: Service & Replacement

Nobody wants a car with arthritis, so making sure your car’s joints are functioning smoothly is actually pretty easy.


If it weren’t for the CV axle, your tires wouldn’t go ‘round and ‘round.  Regular inspections of your CV boot will ensure it is sealed so no dirt or grime gets in to wear down your joints, providing you with a smoother ride.

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Your car’s CV joints are a collection of bearings and cages that are protected by the CV boot. Regular inspections of the boot will ensure it is sealed so no dirt or grime gets in to wear down your joints, which will provide you with a smoother ride.


If identified early, boot replacement can save you money, but it is still a labor-intensive operation. For joints that have gone an extended period without lubricant, you will likely need to replace the entire axle. In some vehicles, the CV joint cannot simply be replaced – the entire half-shaft will need to be replaced. The half-shaft is crucial to propelling front-wheel drive vehicles.


If your car’s CV joints or boots need to be serviced, you may want to consider having the service performed sooner rather than later to avoid further damage to your vehicle. The easiest and most practical path to an efficient and effective repair is to bring your car to the trusted technicians at Meineke®. They will offer a free inspection followed by CV repair and replacement services in a no-nonsense, timely and professional manner.


Understanding Your CV Axle Components


The most important part of CV axle maintenance is inspection of the protective boots. Replacement of cracked rubber boots can save the higher expense involved in joint or half-axle replacement.


These components are constantly exposed to the ups-and-downs of the road you drive on. Despite this stress, these joints can last tens of thousands of miles, so long as the protective boots covering them remain intact. CV joint failure almost always results from boot failure, resulting in the loss of grease and the entry of dirt and moisture.


What Exactly Are CV Boots?


CV boots are protective rubber or plastic components that cover the CV axle. Their job is to provide protection from bumps on the road. With constant use, the flexible rubber fatigues over time. Ultimately wearing down, the rubber cracks and allows the lubricant out and dirt and moisture in. Meineke® offers free brake inspections, which is the perfect time to also inspect CV boots.


Current CV Repair Offers & Coupons


Our CV repair coupons and seasonal specials make it affordable to have necessary repairs performed by a trusted mechanic. Print your coupon or call one of our Meineke® Car Care Centers today to learn about our CV repair deals, and see how affordable it is to Drive a Little Smarter with a mechanically sound CV system.

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